Vince Lombardi (Former Green Bay Packers Coach)

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi

This is a quote from one of the greatest and most respected coaches ever.

I think it makes a profound statement that is easily applied to the online world.

If you have the will or as Napolean Hill would state it, the Burning Desire, you will succeed. Not you might! YOU WILL.

Your knowledge and everything else will fall into place if you have the focus to achieve your goals no matter what your obstacles may be.

You could be in the most competitive market on the internet and surmount your competition with this basic principle. It might be hard work and a long road, but if you have the will, it will be done.

Light the Fire Inside You!

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Best Article Writing – 3 Characteristics of a Good Article Writing

When does one consider an article material to be of good quality? Are there any traits that an article writer must possess in order to come out good article writing? If there are indeed characteristics of a good article, how can then one achieve those? And if there so called made article writers, how can then one be a good article writer?

Article Writing is not only for made article writers nor has it been designed for born article writers. Article writing, when properly planned and carefully thought usually results to a good article material. In detail, should one wants to achieve a successful article material, the following tips are being suggested:

o Just like any other writing endeavor, planning the layout for the material is a basic characteristic. In planning, you will need to make a good choice as to what sot of topic or subject you are going to engage with. Asking questions like, how far is my knowledge about this? Do I bear interest with this? How will this topic appeal to my targeted clients? These questions shall be asked in the process of selecting the topic that you will be writing. In so doing, after the process, the best topic shall come out.

o In writing the actual content, make sure that you have all your resources ready and prepared beginning with the heading or the title of the article material and the components that will make up the entire body content of the material. It is to be remembered, that when writing an article, an attractive, catchy title is mandatory and that goes same through with the content. Although, with the content, the writer must be able to extract the most high quality of information bearing traits of relevance, pertinence, timeliness, freshness, uniqueness, and utility.

Source by Sean Mize