Well, you did it… You have arrived at an amazing site with a collection of content from two men. Me and my mentor.

I like to write and post and chat online… He likes teaching… Coaching… And helping people make and run a successful business online!

What you have on your screen now is born out of that desire. The desire to help those in need of proper training and to provide direction to those that are lost or need answers.

The trouble is, my content is spread all over the net and entangled in areas that people don’t know about… it is buried in websites. It is hanging out on my computer’s desktop and has never seen the light of the internet.

Well… since my goal is to make these words work and help people, I decided that I might bring them out of their hiding spots and create a blog like no other!

Now, there is A LOT of information here. I do not have it in any real order…

I touch on such a wide range of topics, many things are only mentioned once and to put them into categories would be massive!

You are going to find my personality, my experience and my knowledge. Well! Most of the knowledge is from other internet marketers with years in business and sales online combined with online coaching… The knowledge I have picked up and learned from over the years…

I invite you to see my Magazine now and take the first step to a better line business…


A simple, powerful magazine

Every month I will be sending it out to you… the main goal is inspiration, advice and tips with ideas that fly!

By admin

Robin Bateman is the publisher of a number of e-books plus editor and designer of the IMM magazine with experience in graphic design. He has a background in visual design and internet marketing information with a mindful but competitive approach. Robin is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of internet advertising. He considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to stay in tune with the latest internet marketing strategies and pass them on through the medium of online magazines